Insight Waves was born with one goal at heart: to show you how to trust yourself. With so many voices that speak in your head, how do you know which one to listen to?

On the deepest level, everybody is innately healthy and intelligent.

We just don't realise it.

Discover your innate health and potential through Insight Waves.


The way Miss Fifi thinks and observes everything around her really makes me ponder. She lets people open up their inner thoughts and voices when she's around them. She teaches me a lot of things.

Husna N Student


Salamahafifi has been nothing but a tremendous help with my life and career. If I had a theme song it would be "Go ask Fifi" because she seems to know everything.

Ahmad Z - School Teacher


Fifi has a gentle heart that can make so many sights about this life. People can see but not so many people are able to understand. She is one who understands her surroundings.

Nyimas A - News Reporter