“If we are to reach real peace in this world… we shall have to begin with children.” — Mahatma Gandhi

Children, teenagers, youths, are the ones who hold the keys to our future. We are the ones equipping them with what determines which door they would open.

Teach them about the materialistic life, they will open doors of materialism.

Equip them with manners, manner's door they will open and flood the world with it.

Show them how to listen to themselves, and they will be free.

But how, exactly?

Have you noticed the wisdom of a child? They say the darnest, silly but insightful things. They are confident, creative, and do whatever they want!

Along the way, growing into their adolescence, these great qualities dwindled. What happened?

Is it peer pressure? Bullying? Self-confidence? Identity crisis?


Or maybe, just like everybody else, they learnt and went along with the common mindsets of what they're supposed to do. Not what they want to do.

This limits our children and our youths from truly being who they want to be. 

When that happens, they end up being just like everyone else.

We help students discover their own potential, realise their own innate capabilities to rise against the struggling world. 

Most importantly, we show students how it's cool to be yourself. 

Be comfortable in your own skin. Not succumb to peer pressure. Understand your bullies. And being clear of what's going on.

Here's what we offer in the moment:

Bullying and Being Bullied Phenomenon

Understanding a bully's perspective and how to raise self-confidence from being bullied.

Who Am I, Really?

Understanding identity and self, of "true self" vs "ideal self", and how to let your innate creativity blossom.

Hashtag Goals

Understanding the copycat trends on social media, peer pressure and fulfilling your own goals.